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The world is a noisy place. Let us help you find your quiet spot.

 Waveguide provides expert acoustic consulting services to support architectural planning and design and to address your building systems noise and vibration control issues. We collaborate with architects and building engineers to find practical, cost-effective solutions to your acoustic challenges. Our acoustic consulting experience covers workplace and conferencing facilities, academic buildings, music and performance spaces, libraries, courtrooms, and a broad range of other civic building types.

  • Building Sound Transmission
  • Interior Acoustics
  • Acoustic Privacy
  • Equipment Noise + Vibration Control
  • Environmental Noise Mitigation
  • Noise Level Measurement


Delivery Process


Our acoustical recommendations for our projects are rooted decades of acoustical design experience, a firm understanding of the science of acoustics and a great appreciation for architectural design.


We start our acoustic design process by first understanding your acoustics objectives and expectations. We believe it is important to understand your needs before embarking on an acoustic design direction. For cases where you may not have a strong opinion on your project’s acoustics, we act as a trusted advisor and work with you to understand the best acoustics design practices and what their implications mean for your project, subjectively and financially.


Our design effort begins with understanding the architect’s design intent and then working with the team to help realize that vision by providing acoustical criteria for a suitable and functional environment within each space. The criteria and the architect’s vision become the template by which we create an acoustical design. We provide detailed recommendations as early as possible in the design process to allow the team to understand and price their implications, and we provide our input in laymen’s terms rather than complex scientific terms whenever possible. As the design progresses, we monitor the team’s progress to help ensure the acoustical recommendations are being incorporated as intended to achieve the acoustic criteria. We pride ourselves on being flexible and open to alternate solutions to acoustic problems.

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