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At Waveguide, we build relationships. Whether it’s your relationship with a client, or the relationship of a technology system to its environment, our success and the success of our clients depends on how we apply our expertise to meet our clients’ needs. Together, we help create strategic technology plans that reflect the way people live, learn and work. We help design efficient buildings and infrastructure that save dollars and make sense. And we design effective technology systems regular people can actually use. But we’re only as good as our people.

We are seeking consultants, designers and technology managers who are passionate, creative thinkers and who will be tirelessly dedicated to building lasting relationships and finding innovative answers to our clients’ most challenging questions.

If that’s you, then your wave has just come in. Visit our Compass Group USA career center and search keyword: Waveguide to find out where we’re hiring.

We work with marquee clients, managing their technology onsite and to design some of the biggest projects all around the world.

We believe in lifelong learning and pay to keep our staff the most highly trained and certified professionals in the industry.

We equip our staff with the latest technology to empower our employees with the flexibility to work smarter and promote a healthy work-life balance.

We provide all the coffee, Coca-Cola products and M&Ms you could ever need to make it through your workday.