Hello! I’m Andy Beach, the guy responsible for firstwave at Waveguide.  If you are curious, here’s a little bit about my background. Go ahead, click the link.  I’ll wait.

You’re back? Good!

As the adoption of collaborative communications increases, great things are happening. Phone calls are being replaced with video chats that include content. Training sessions are now recorded while simultaneously being transmitted to multiple offices, extending both the reach and convenience of scarce subject matter experts. Corporate executives are no longer required to be in the same room to share company confidential information.

All are fantastic advances in the application of AV systems. All leverage the advances in technology and enhanced feature sets continuously being developed by the manufacturing firms in our industry. None of which can happen without the tireless efforts of professional technical support.

It’s funny how technology always gets top billing in the planning and deployment of new systems but the support of those systems  is a lower priority.  Maybe we need cut sheets for the daily processes or slick marketing literature featuring the benefits of technical support person 2.0.

Getting the People and Process plan right matters more in the long run than what flavor of VTC you buy.  I’m excited to begin this journey to hopefully raise the awareness within our industry of the mission critical nature that having the right people following robust processes play in the overall success of collaborative communications. Over the next several posts, I’ll share some of the common issues we see out there after the ribbon has been cut and the customer actually starts using their shiny new systems.

Now, as the MCR operator stated, we are ready to begin . . .