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Technology marches on even after the ribbon-cutting.

Now that you’ve invested in upgrading your communications technology, you need to ensure you get the most from that investment every day. Firstwave® offers you a range of comprehensive technology management services including ongoing consulting from the team of consultants you already know and trust, up to full outsourcing of day-to-day operations of communications spaces. We can also backfill your AV staff during their vacation. 

For more on how Waveguide’s Firstwave division can support your organization’s technology operations, please contact Tim Bailey, Waveguide’s director of Firstwave services, or  Julie Nattis, Waveguide’s director of marketing.

  • People/process assessment
  • Staffing models and hiring assistance
  • Hourly consulting and troubleshooting
  • Technology life cycle annual assessments
  • Remote help desk
  • In-room support
  • Technical staff back-fill
  • Bridge management
  • Full outsourcing



On-Call | On-Demand

On-call Hourly Support

A bucket of hours you manage that never expire
Access to all of Waveguide when you need it
Ultimate flexibility for a fixed investment

On-demand Back-fill Support

Same access as the hourly model
Benefit of monthly, fixed payments
Significant reduction in the hourly rate

On-site Outsourcing


Full-time staff at your location based on your needs
Flex support allows us to provide additional staff for major events without increasing full-time FTE headcount


Self-service campus. Multimedia support staff focus is primarily on major issues and daily/weekly preventative maintenance checks of rooms.


Predominantly a self-service campus, blended with full support of executive/high priority events. Multimedia support staff splits time between assisting with set up, troubleshooting issues, and daily/weekly preventative maintenance checks of rooms.


Executive campus. This is a high-touch, customer-support based model where multimedia support staff is capable of full meeting support, meet and greet set-ups, and event monitoring. Multimedia support staff will be responsible for daily troubleshooting and preventative maintenance checks of rooms but focus is on the client experience with the multimedia system.

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