Waveguide recently rolled out our new manufacturer-distributor portal, Wavelet. The intent of Wavelet is to give all bidders a fair opportunity to bid your product by providing transparent access to information on Waveguide bids, which may be extracted for your forecasting and record use. Initial bid information will be searchable by date, Waveguide project manager and city. The information on Wavelet includes the name and city of the project, name and location of the integrators invited to bid (if known at the time of bid), and a general contact form. The bid information is posted the same week, and often the same day as the project goes out to bid. The bid due date will not be included on Wavelet, but is easily attainable from one of the listed bidders.  Also included is a comprehensive list of products used by Waveguide design team members as the basis for design. Any updates to quantities and model numbers that are the result of the RFI process will not be reflected on the website.

We are proud of this new system of sharing information with manufacturers, and we hope it will be very useful to bidders on Waveguide projects. If you have any questions or if you would like to obtain Wavelet credentials for your company, please contact Harry Allison.

Welcome to Wavelet! CasinoHEX