Back in December 2009, Waveguide’s Scott Walker blogged about the need for electronic recycling in Systems Contractor News. More electronics are being recycled, 25 percent in 2009 compared to 14 percent in 2007. But we all know more electronics are reaching their “end-of-life” every year. Who’s got a good story to tell about recycling? Have you seen more take-back programs?

From the 2009 blog,
“If we’re serious about sustainability, at some point we have to ask ourselves the question: Where can we have the most impact? Reducing the energy demands of our systems and taking our AV control knowledge into the broader building automation world is an opportunity to be green and make some green. However, the area where I believe we could have the biggest impact on true sustainability is in dealing with E-waste.”

To read the full text, go to Systems Contractor News.