The Internet is a beautiful thing. It has gifted to us humans such amazing treasures as Justin Beiber and whatever this is, all the while inventing new and creative ways for us to talk to each other. One of our favorite Internet activities is Throwback Thursday. Throwback Thursday, also known as #tbt, is the Internet phenomenon wherein people you barely knew in high school unearth baby photos of themselves and possibly you and post them on the World Wide Web for the whole Internet to enjoy. At Waveguide we are participating in our own, slightly less embarrassing (depending on whom you ask) version of #tbt by bringing old material out of the vault so we can marvel at how far we’ve come in such a short time. We are starting with Scott Walker’s green AV column, EcoSystems, on Here for the second time, is AV is Dead, Long Live AV.  

“‘Here lies Scott Walker, designer of slightly above-average AV systems.” A funny thing happens as we hit middle age. We begin to contemplate our own mortality and wonder what our tombstone might someday say. A few years back I came to the stark conclusion the above epitaph just wasn’t going to cut it for me. Yes, life is a lot more than our day jobs –family, friends, community, etc — but we spend a frightening amount of time at work. My AV life had to be more than pointing a projector at a screen and then, worse, seeing the whole mess end up in a landfill where it will long outlive my mortal coil. There had to be something more.” 

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