Recalling the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment launched in 2007. 679 signatories to date and 525 submitted action plans. No green washing here. In a 2012 blog, Scott Walker muses on how the AV industry and higher ed can work together to achieve carbon neutrality.

“Over the past six years I have been striving to find the right balance point between our industry’s response to the global climate change mess we are inheriting/propagating and the present-day needs of our industry to stay viable…

“…the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment…is a voluntary program wherein college and university presidents sign a commitment to take their institutions to carbon neutrality through a series of progressive and meaningful steps. When I first researched the ACUPCC back in 2008, I was intrigued by the structure of the commitment, particularly the requirement for signatories to publish a complete carbon inventory for their entire campus and produce their climate-neutrality action plan within two years of signing the commitment. I mused at the time that once people had to actually undertake this difficult work the whole program might devolve into just another exercise in green washing.

“Boy was I wrong! (Again.)…”

To read the full text, go to rAVe pubs.