Scott Walker advises professionals in the installed audiovisual industry to run into the fire in order to grow your business. In the inaugural edition of Biamp’s new publication, Component, Scott explains how revolutionary thinking has positioned Waveguide to meet our customers’ needs.

“It requires a change in mindset – some new thinking,” he says. “As I like to say, you have to go where the hard stuff is. You have to run into the fire and try to do the things that still need solving. And tthinkinghat, to me, is where and how you grow your business.”

As the audio industry has shifted in a digitized world, so must the installed audio industry. Then InfoComm president, Scott predicted this shift in his InfoComm 2001 keynote address. The emerging form of installed audio is Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). AV integrators and consultants who embrace this mindset will be better positioned to meet their customers’ immediate needs and, in turn, allow them to plan ahead.

Scott explains clients need streamlined hardware solutions, with a unified software interface that employees can efficiently operate in all of the company’s offices worldwide. “To my mind, episodic AV purchases, room-by-room or even city-by-city, are a mistake and don’t make much sense anymore.”

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