Scott McLain, CTS-D, LEED AP, joined Waveguide in 2005 as a designer. He has served Waveguide in a variety of roles since then, including project consultant, director of Florida operations, director of software development and director of innovation. In 2022, he was promoted to vice president of design. Scott has extensive experience in judicial technology design; he has served on commissions and authored white papers and technology guidelines for the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

He also manages higher education, corporate office and government facilities projects, and he absorbs and retains information with such speed and accuracy that some of us believe he might really be an alien.


What Floats My Boat

Music is my first love. I enjoy listening to others’ and making my own. I love that the same music can be so many different things to as many different people.

Why I Surf With Waveguide

The best part about Waveguide is the people; the same is true about working at Waveguide. It is a great collection of diverse folks all dedicated to creating the best technology experience.