Michael SantaMaria, CTS, is a principal and has primary responsibility for Waveguide’s national acoustics consulting practice, which he leads from the Los Angeles office. Michael joined Waveguide in 2011 with nearly 20 years of professional acoustics consulting experience on more than 200 projects throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. He has provided comprehensive consulting, design and measurement services–including in-room acoustics design, sound isolation design, acoustics design of HVAC systems, acoustics measurements, environmental noise, and noise/vibration control of mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment–for projects in higher education, primary and secondary education, performing arts, health care, courts, civic and government, corporate office and houses of worship.

He also tolerates extremely well his colleagues’ persistent requests to improve imaginary acoustic aberrations in the office by almost never saying, “Yeah, I think that’s all in your head.”


What Floats My Boat

My wife tells me daily that I am not funny and that I should not try to be.

Why I Surf With Waveguide

For the freedom to build a department and the ability to work with such great talent