Julie Nattis is director of Waveguide’s national marketing and communications operations, which she leads from Portland, Oregon. Before joining Waveguide in 2005, she worked in former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s Office of Public Information at The Carter Center, where she cemented her commitment to public relations for the public good — a commitment that fit seamlessly into Waveguide’s culture of doing good. Julie is primarily responsible for Waveguide’s creative development and brand management, communications strategy development, marketing project management, and marketing onboarding and training. She is also responsible for West Coast marketing-client relationships, including coordinating with project teams to shepherd proposals through the submittal process.

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What Floats My Boat

My dude, my dog and my two kiddos; Castles and Bears, the nonprofit I work with to provide high-quality early childhood education to families experiencing financial hardship; semicolons; architectural photography; Adobe InDesign; live music

Why I Surf with Waveguide

My outstanding colleagues, aka “The Good Guys”; traveling to new places to work on beautiful projects; getting paid to bury my nose in the Associated Press Stylebook