James Johnson Jr. joined Waveguide in 2019 as an onsite multimedia services manager, supporting a Chicago-based client. He was subsequently promoted to assistant regional manager, overseeing multiple Waveguide AV operations services accounts and our on-call technician pool. James has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology industry. Prior to joining Waveguide, James was an audiovisual specialist for an AV systems integration company in Chicago. Before that, he spent eight years as a global videoconferencing engineer at a large law firm. In addition, James served eight years in the United States Navy, reaching the rank of petty officer second class. He served as a cryptology tech operator with a specialization in videoconference operations. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from DePaul University.

James also owns a bakery in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his two brothers. It’s named in honor of their mother, Ms. Marsha’s Sweets.

What Floats My Boat

My family, sports and good people are the things that make my world go round.

Why I Surf with Waveguide

I enjoy seeing all the different environments we work in and understanding the inter-workings of our people and teams!