Iloas Gray, CTS, joined Waveguide’s California office as consultant and project manager in 2013. In addition to having served as a member of the Royal Swedish Guard, Iloas is also an AV industry veteran and has extensive experience managing technology job sites, including serving as a Firstwave® technology manager on Waveguide’s West Hollywood Library project.


What Floats My Boat

Any type of music; sports, including tennis, soccer and hockey; learning about new technology; being a realist, being as positive as possible, and having the same dark sense of humor as my son

Why I Surf With Waveguide

Being on a job site and seeing our AV design integrated successfully with the building; the fun of fiddling around with new technology, like LEGOs for adults; the satisfaction of following up with the clients and seeing that they can actually use the AV systems without the help of a tech guy