Brandon Mosst, CTS, joined Waveguide in 2019 as a consultant in our Los Angeles office. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, and he conducted two years of postbaccalaureate study in electrical engineering at California State University in Long Beach, California. With 14 years of engineering experience in manufacturing, multidisciplinary systems design and systems commissioning, Brandon most recently served as a senior systems engineer with a Los Angeles-based systems integration firm. He spent four years in the themed entertainment and MEP industries where he performed a variety of roles in design, integration and consulting.

An accomplished classical flutist who has performed professionally for a musical company in Orange County, California, Brandon’s repertoire spans far beyond the classical genre to jazz improv and funk. He brings a touch of class to Waveguide’s merry band of failed rock stars.

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