Adam Galatioto joined Waveguide in 2017 as an associate consultant of acoustics in our Atlanta office. Prior to joining Waveguide, Adam’s work focused on environmental acoustics, including transit vibration analysis for elevated, on-grade and subterranean rail and high-rise residential façade analysis, among other things. He has also executed small- to large-scale events in an audio and lighting design capacity, as a front of house engineer and as a sound consultant for a variety of clients in the North Florida area. Adam holds a Master of Science in architectural studies with a focus in acoustics and a Bachelor of Science in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Florida.

In addition to his day job at Waveguide, Adam teaches in an after school program dedicated to helping children foster an interest in and understanding of the STEM fields – especially acoustics. We love that he teaches what he preaches.

What Floats My Boat

Traveling, teaching, helping kids connect ideas, especially in the sciences

Why I Surf with Waveguide

I really dig being able to talk to clients about their acoustics challenges because I basically can’t stop talking about things I’m interested in. This makes me terrible at leaving parties.