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Communication systems are only as smart as the software controlling them. We realized this long ago and have built our Brainwave® team to automate your smart, connected environments. Our software developers design intuitive user interfaces, and deploy robust, configurable code  for projects ranging from single rooms to standardized global deployments.

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) design
  • Audio DSP
  • Building automation
  • Custom code development
  • On-site testing and verification
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Software warranty services
  • As-built code delivery


Delivery Process

Requirements and Emulation

A good way to ensure that the software meets your needs is to clearly document what we’re building before we build it. (You may be surprised how often this critical step is skipped.) Before diving into the often complex details of controlling specific equipment, we validate the functional requirements and work flow by creating an emulation of the user interface for review. This allows you to review the behavior of the UI early in the process and discuss adjustments as necessary.

Base Code Development

Once we have approval on the UI behavior, we develop the device control for your specific systems.

Shop Staging and Site Deployment

We recommend that all systems are staged and verified in the integrator’s shop. By demonstrating full functionality of each system type, we can work through many of the peculiarities in device configuration, signal timing, etc. Allowing the team to more thoroughly vet the systems before they ship to the site results in a faster installation. Before the systems integration moves from the shop to your facility, we will help to coordinate the network requirements. Once on site, the AV integrator will connect the systems to the site-specific devices and interfaces (like lighting and shade systems), and we will assist the integrator in testing control of these devices, making sure that everything is working as planned.

System Verification

Our field agents test, test and re-test each system by coordinating with our software developers and the AV integration team on site until the systems are fully operational.


After your systems are up and running, you may want to add some functionality or refine your work flow. You may need some help troubleshooting an odd behavior. We’re happy to help with any request or revision, large or small.

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