Waveguide is pleased to add to its data/telecom ranks with the recent hire of Damon Coney. Damon’s also glad to find a home at Waveguide as a data infrastructure designer.

Damon comes to Waveguide with 10 years of designing and implementing complex systems including data centers and outside plant cabling. He’s also served in the U.S. Marine Corps, so as Harry Allison, director or design services, Waveguide, eloquently says, “Don’t give him crap.”

Waveguide’s design services team is the heart and soul of the company. Not only do they need to know Revit software and the process of designing a building using software that collects all the information from every trade into one building, aka BIM, they also test and catalogue AV equipment and work with architects and InfoComm to establish standards.

We think Damon will fit right in. He says he, “loves figuring out problems and needs of clients and engineering solutions.” Damon’s also motivated acknowledging that, “Without our services of connecting users and devices with phone and data lines, a company would not be able to communicate.”

Damon’s last assignment before joining Waveguide took him to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he led a 14-member engineering and installation team servicing U.S. and NATO bases for VT Milcom, a technical services company serving governments and key industry organizations. Before that he worked on cabling standards for communications facilities in Guam and Japan and also spent time in Kuwait on an engineering and installations team.

Damon’s early days at VT Milcom gave him the opportunity to work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, installing and troubleshooting communications cables systems. “Ultimately, I was assigned to oversee all of CDC’s Roybal Campus for communications installations and upgrades,” he says.

His AV/IT career all started when he joined the United States Marine Corps and became an airborne Marine directly out of high school. “I was often assigned to the communications team to set up field radios such as AN/PRC-77 portable transceivers.”

While Damon has intense pride as a U.S. Marine saying, “Most dear to my heart was serving as a United States Marine,” he’s also extremely proud of his two daughters, one going off to college this fall and the other a serious softball player at home. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Damon’s very happy now to make his home in Atlanta at Waveguide.