By B. Shane Long

A decade ago, the thought that an enterprise could experience true unification of its many communications systems was as fantastical as the idea that unicorns are real. As thought leaders in technology design, Waveguide has proven some myths can be busted, and today many of our clients — who were skeptical they could reach the unified communications (UC) nirvana of ubiquitous video collaboration from anywhere, anytime on any device —  are now living that dream.

UC is the integration of chat, voice, video and data collaboration under one platform, and it has changed what it means to be “at work,” transforming companies from being a phone and email culture to a chat and video culture. Work is no longer a place one goes – it’s what one does. Work is wherever you are: home office, work office, coffee shop or airport lounge. Being effective today means starting meetings with the press of a button to engage voice, video, real-time content sharing, and augmenting in-person meetings with more frequent remote collaboration.

Waveguide helps our clients address not only the underlying technologies required to transform their associates’ daily work experience, but we also address user experience and change management issues to ensure a smooth transition to this more mobile, agile work experience.

While a well-implemented UC solution can make one feel as if you are living in a fairy tale, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of unicorns.