As your digital collaboration partner, Waveguide understands how critical it is to your operations for you to transition seamlessly to a remote-work strategy as you implement coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) social distancing guidelines. These new realities can stress not only your networks but also your people.

Waveguide’s workplace technology strategists can offer a host of consulting services to help you get through this unprecedented time, including workplace technology assessment, gap analysis and a road map to meet current remote-worker needs; AV/unified communications (UC) standards development and deployment, and project management and systems commissioning of upgraded technology.

Our Firstwave meeting managers can tailor our ongoing support services to align with your reduced campus presence and remote staff needs, including:

Remote-Support Activities

  • Unified communication (UC) training of your associates, including distribution of a best practices guide for teleworking
  • Service tickets escalation and resolution related to UC issues
  • Moderation / call-initiation services for large virtual meetings
  • Monitoring of user limitations for UC platform calls and migration to larger capacity platforms, as needed
  • Options for supporting 16+ hour shifts for global virtual meetings, as needed

Limited-Site Support Activities

  • Rotating teams to support essential workers operating from your campuses
  • Support of townhall/all-hands/executive meetings with a mix of live and remote presenters and participants
  • Heightened executive support at their offices, as well as in their homes, to set up and test video collaboration technologies
  • Maintenance strategies to properly shut down on-site AV technologies and then bring those systems back online as workers migrate back to the office

At Waveguide, we remain committed to supporting your team and company through this challenging time. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how to best align our capabilities to meet your business objectives. Please contact us if we can help.

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