By David Lerette, CTS-D

Waveguide’s corporate clients are embracing flexible work policies while also seeking technologies and amenities to attract employees to the office. Whether an associate is looking for a hotdesking area for a day or scheduling a multi-site meeting, Waveguide is here to make the process easy and seamless across the enterprise.

Clients are moving toward a mobile workforce, incorporating free-address workspaces to maximize the utilization of their corporate real estate. Clients are trending toward systems to allow their work force to reserve resources as needed, including desks, conference rooms, lockers and parking spaces.

When scheduling a meeting, the reservation system can be utilized for all support services, including videoconference support, catering requests and facility set-up requests. This allows the support teams to be prepared for any meeting event, allowing the host of the event to focus on their meeting or presentation.

Corporate real estate sees many benefits to deploying an advanced scheduling system, as they now can obtain exact usage data of their workforce operating across their workplaces. In addition to information gathered from associate surveys, the facilities management team can now use real usage data to understand nuances of each department and what their needs are for future construction projects.

Additionally, clients are deploying mobile apps that allow associates to visit any office in the enterprise and find a workspace, book a meeting room or order food with a few button presses on their phone. One recent Waveguide client’s app allows users to also report room temperature issues to the smart building system. In short, these technologies allow all associates to find their place within the organization to make their workday more efficient and enjoyable.