Zelalem Haile, CTS, joined Waveguide in 2013 as a technician with our Firstwave® team in Atlanta. Prior to joining Waveguide, Zelalem worked in the hospitality industry and transitioned to full-time event technology support in 2011.  He became CTS certified in 2015.

Growing up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Zelalem’s love of video production began when his uncle sent him a video camera. First he recorded family events, then weddings and birthdays. By the time he graduated from Black Lion High School in Addis Ababa, he had completed an internship in the Relief Rehabilitation Commission’s (RRC) audiovisual department and had become a full-time videographer and editor at MA FE Video Production. When he came to the United States, Zelalem worked in the hospitality industry as a valet supervisor while continuing to record events as a freelancer and volunteering for the Ethiopia Community TV station.

Z’s unique background makes him a perfect fit for our international client, and his AV skills make him a perfect fit for us.

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