Michael Martin joined Waveguide in 2017 as a lead technician with our Firstwave® team, supporting a Cary, North Carolina-based client. With more than 10 years’ experience in AV integration and nearly five years as a programmer, he most recently served as a Crestron programmer and a crew chief overseeing the installation of commercial sound systems. His education has focused on graphic design, GUI development and Crestron programming, and he holds multiple Crestron certifications, including CTI-P101, CTI-P201, CTI-SG, CTI-Fusion-P and DM Certified Designer.

Like many of his fellow Waveriders, Michael’s love of music led him to be a tinkerer, though he puts his music tinkering skills to use not just as an audio engineer, but as a luthier, the meaning of which at least one of us had to look up.

What Floats My Boat?

My four beautiful boys and a wonderful wife, who make my sun rise; the outdoors – hiking, rock climbing and anything that will get me in the mountains; a nice scotch that’s old enough to drink itself goes a long way, too.

Why I Surf with Waveguide

I appreciate how technology, particularly in the AV fields, can help bring people together.