Jesus Cerezo, CTS, joined Waveguide in 2013 as a software developer in Waveguide’s Brainwave® division. Jesus is a Certified Technology Specialist and Crestron Certified Programmer, and he has received his AMX and Crestron master certifications. Jesus’ experience includes programming, AV systems design and commissioning for corporate, government and education clients.

Jesus is fluent in English, Spanish, DSP, Java and XML.


What Floats My Boat

My family and computers. Ever since I was a child, I’ve tried to imagine what my life would be like. I knew I wanted to work with computers for a living, but I never thought they would bring me and my family to a different country, where I get to be a part of the technology revolution.

Why I Surf with Waveguide

Being able to work with computers in lots of different environments for different purposes.