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We’re a little… different.

Waveguide was founded in 1996 as a full-service independent technology consulting firm committed to your success. Why? Because technology is only your friend when it works. As we grew and technology changed, we realized your success depends on a holistic approach to fulfilling your communications needs. Our answer to this challenge was to complement an already innovative AV, IT and acoustics consulting practice with control and management of your systems, the result of which has been the successful delivery of hundreds of projects large and small, near and far.

We’ve worked hard to evolve the art of our profession and help lead our industry to its rightful place as a mission-critical part of the modern built environment. As part of our commitment to that evolution, in 2016 Waveguide joined Compass Group USA and Flik Hospitality’s family of businesses, a move that brings our industry closer to that rightful place. We’ve always been focused on doing great work, so we are thrilled to now have the resources to do great work even better.


Number of years Waveguide has been in business


Number of Waveguide employees in nine offices and more than 40 client locations across the U.S., including Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Raleigh and Tampa


Growing number of professional certifications held by Waveguide employees, including more than 20 CTS-Ds, plus lots of RCDDs, LEED APs, CTS-Is, CTSs and PMPs

Why We’re Here

We help our clients communicate by blending the right technology into beautiful spaces, creating an intuitive user experience, and delivering on the promise of great communication, every day.

Where We’re Going

We don’t know what the next big challenge in communication will be, but it’s in our DNA to find it and solve it.

What We Believe

Good guys should win. Good design should win out over bad design. Good service should win out over bad service. We are the good guys.

Street Cred

Go ahead, make our day. Really.

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